Food Intolerance?
"Let food be thy medicine," Hippocrates once said. That statement is especially true in the modern world where food has changed drastically since Hippocrates' time. What many don't realize is that besides toxins, certain foods are harder for our body to digest. In the last 100 years there has been an influx of refined foods put into our food supply; most commonly, enriched wheat, corn and refined or hydrogenated oils. Our bodies, in general do not process these foods well in the amounts eaten every day; and subsequently we would do better with a diet full of fruits, vegetables and other non-processed foods. Think about it, what were our ancestors eating 500 - 1000 years ago? I can guarantee it wasn't tacos, pizza and candy bars.

Many will admit to feeling bloated, full or sick to their stomach after eating certain foods. This is our bodies' way of telling us, don't eat this or that. Instead of going on a random search of these irritating foods, a better way is to undergo specific food intolerance testing to discover which foods may be the culprit.

Numerous research articles now show a strong link between food intolerance and chronic conditions such as arthritis, IBS, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, etc. Since everyone's physiology is different, a specific test needs to be performed to detect and eliminate foods that are inflaming the gastro-intestinal system. Our office uses the ALCAT® test for this purpose and has been experiencing significant improvements with people suffering from chronic diseases as listed above as well as weight loss, energy and mental focus benefits.

Call our office today to schedule a nutritional consultation and begin getting to the root of these chronic conditions by undergoing the ALCAT® test.






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