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At Mason Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we provide state of the art treatment in a clinic that puts the patient first. Besides traditional chiropractic care, our office specializes in treating chronic pain resulting from long term muscle tension or “knots.” Most people who come in to our office have spinal alignment problems, as well as” issues with their tissues.” Most chiropractors treat the spine, but I have found that if you don’t address the chronic muscle tension, knots and rigidity within the tissues, the spinal adjustments will not be as effective. The muscles will simply pull the spine back out of place, and the condition will never resolve.

At our clinic we focus on solving the problem, not just treating the symptoms.

Our Services - Ancillary Treatments
We utilize other modalities in our office such as ultrasound, electro-muscle stimulation or EMS; and cold laser therapy. Ultrasound is the use of ultra high frequency sound waves to break up scar tissue, increase blood supply and relax muscle spasm. EMS is used to reduce pain, spasm, and chronic muscle tension. There are three distinct settings to achieve this with patients.

Usually, these techniques are used during the first two weeks of treatment. Cold laser is an emerging technology that utilizes laser photons to stimulate healing inside tissues at a cellular level. This technology has been used in Europe for over twenty years, and in 2002 received FDA approval for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Our office uses cold laser to treat chronic pain when other treatments are not working. Since we added this technique to our practice, we have been able to successfully treat chronic pain conditions in many patients. Examples include fibromyalgia, TMJ pain, and chronic muscle knots. Cold laser therapy will definitely be in larger use in the future.

Nutritional recommendations are another service we provide for our patients. Nutritional supplements are manufactured by thousands of companies throughout the world, but the question still remains, which supplements are the best? The media has focused a lot of attention on evaluating the quality of vitamins on store shelves in recent years.

The study of nutrition is a vast subject, with many opinions. Through my post graduate education, I have studied what the body needs, in what amounts, and in what chemical forms to enhance absorption. I give my patients guidance on multivitamins, fish oil, calcium, and many other supplements. I stock only the highest quality supplements, that are independently tested, only sold to doctors, and exceed the FDA mandates on quality assurance. Bottom line – all supplements are not created equal!!!

Finally, I recommend orthopedic pillows and supports for patients who need further support in their daily lives. These devices allow the adjustments to hold better, reduce flare ups, and help people get through their day with less strain on the spine.
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