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When a patient first comes to a chiropractor, emotions vary from fear, excitement, happiness, and caution. Many people want to utilize our services based on a referral, but have fear of the unknown or they have heard horror stories from friends and family about the dangers of a chiropractor. Nothing could be further from the truth!! Others are referred to us, have been to a chiropractor, and are looking to make a change.

We strive to promote a patient-centered family atmosphere at Mason Family Chiropractic & Wellness. We want people to feel relaxed and not feel rushed while in our office. Most clients are meeting with me within minutes of arriving. I endeavor to take the time necessary to discover all the issues a patient has before the treatment starts. Many times a patient will complain of pain in one area and through our consultation, we find other areas of chronic problems that also need treatment.

My goal for all patients is to achieve wellness, not just pain relief. Patients, who only come in when they are in pain and canít move or function, are missing the boat when it comes to wellness. I believe chiropractic does its best work when patients are doing their part outside of the office. Maintaining good posture, exercising, stretching, and eating right are all a part of wellness. You only get one body. Take care of it!

One of the complaints I hear all the time is that a patientís former chiropractor had the patient coming 3 times per week for months and months and months; or the care never seemed to end, with no stated goals. The ultimate goal for all of my patients is pain relief. Symptom care does not work and is doing a disservice to the patient. What is needed is a plan to allow the person to be stronger and more flexible long term, and that takes work from the patient too!

Finally, people are referred to our office by medical doctors, other chiropractors, orthopedic and bariatric surgeons and our patients. I am thankful for the referrals, as this is how our practice continues to grow. My number one priority is resolving patient pain problems permanently. If care is going to work, there will be some significant relief in 6 - 8 visits. If there isnít relief, then the patient may have other issues outside my scope of expertise.
Mason Family Chiropractic

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